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Improving Event Management with an Effective Event Communications Strategy – 4 Tips

Posted by Sarah Autore - Thursday, June, 01 2017

Roughly 18 million events are planned in the U.S. each year. The majority of these large scale events occur during the summer season.

While many factors determine the success of an event, emergency preparedness is by far the most important. As the summer season approaches, here are 4 tips that will improve your event management strategy and keep attendees safe with effective communication.

1. Implement an Event Communications Strategyevent crowd.jpg
One of the most important event management details is implementing an event communications strategy. Consider the following: What do attendees need to know before, during, and after the event? What are some unexpected situations that could arise? Most importantly - what’s the best way to communicate all this information effectively?

2. Provide Attendees with as Many Details as Possible
All the details you’ve worked hard to plan need to be shared with attendees somehow. Especially when your event is expecting a large out-of-town turnout, it’s imperative that you provide detailed location information, public transit information and parking details. Attendees will want to know everything from the event schedule, payment options, food availability, restroom locations, and emergency exits. A popular event communications strategy for large events is to collect email addresses as people register and send important details leading up to the event via e-newsletter.

3. Utilize the Power of Social Media
As one of the fastest ways to engage attendees before and during an event, social media can single-handedly change your event communications strategy. Depending on your event demographic, there are dozens of social media channels that will reach them effectively. Perhaps the best part of social media - all engagement can be measured and tracked.  

4. Have an Emergency Notification System in Place
Part of event management is understanding that no matter how much you plan ahead, unexpected situations will inevitably arise. In the event of an emergency during your event, having an emergency notification system in place that enables you to reach your attendees quickly is vital.

Did you know? Our Swift911™ emergency notification system offers a text alert feature allowing your event attendees to opt-in and receive real-time event notifications. Contact Us to learn more.

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