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Looking Ahead: New Year, New Emergency Management Technology Trends

Posted by Tara Gibson - Monday, December, 17 2018

As local governments, businesses and other organizations wrap up 2018 activities, they’re planning changes that will help them better prepare for the near year.  


One issue worldwide is the fact natural disasters are now more frequent, essentially quadrupling in number since 1970 to reach some 400 annually. As such, many organizations are upgrading or investing in emergency alert systems and other technologies that can help them anticipate, prepare for, and react intelligently to such events.

“Emerging technologies present even greater opportunities to make our emergency management systems more intelligent, secure and effective,” notes Nancy Torres of Data-Smart City Solutions. “While cities have long sought to integrate tech into disaster response, the available technologies and opportunities are constantly evolving.”

Here are a few of the technology trends recently enabling emergency management upgrades:

  • Artificial Intelligence. This capability is allowing organizations to predict, evaluate and simulate incidents, with the goal of improving emergency management response times and streamlining dispatch processes. One AI-enabled emergency management platform implemented in California’s San Mateo County has predicted the impact of local disasters on city infrastructure with 85 percent accuracy, Torres reports.
  • The IoT. Syncing digital systems from a variety of interconnected sources allows organizations to collect data from the physical environment, then quickly disseminate it to create detailed emergency response plans. For example, firefighters preparing to attack a wildfire could get critical data beforehand on temperatures, smoke and weather conditions. Similarly, potential emergencies could be prevented by the collection of real-time data that forecasts risky conditions.
  • Blockchain. When universally adopted, this technology trend allows multiple parties to efficiently coordinate resources in emergency management situations.
  • Advanced Emergency Alert Systems. Comprehensive emergency notification and incident management solutions like Swift911™ can reliably send out real-time alerts to staffers, residents, students and emergency personnel, ensuring the messages are universally received by broadcasting them through phone, social media, text, and/or email.

More good news: The tools springing up to improve emergency management preparedness are making at least a partial dent in the impact of natural disasters. For example, a report from the National Institute of Building Sciences recently found every dollar spent in federal grants for disaster preparedness saves society $6, meaning some $28 billion spent in mitigation grants over the past 23 years has resulted in $158 billion in savings.  

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