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Best Practices, Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Effective Emergency Management

Posted by Philip Young - Monday, October, 08 2018

Business Continuity Plan vs. Disaster Recovery Plan - Why You Need Both

One major key to keeping your business healthy in the long term is to plan for the future, forecasting what will happen over time, and anticipating what you can do to bounce back in the event of a...

Posted by Nina Caliri - Thursday, September, 27 2018

Wildfires - Preparing for the Most Preventable Natural Disaster

Wildfires can spread quickly and consume a vast amount of land and property in a short amount of time. But unlike many natural disasters, most wildfires are caused by people — and can be prevented by...

Posted by Tara Gibson - Monday, September, 10 2018

It’s National Preparedness Month: Let Us Help You Prepare

September is National Preparedness Month. Organizations like utility companies, local governments and municipalities, and businesses large and small can benefit from conducting a full review of their...

Posted by Nina Caliri - Wednesday, September, 05 2018

SwiftReach Networks Launches New Corporate Website

Mahwah, NJ - SwiftReach Networks, a leading provider of emergency notification and incident management solutions, today announced the launch of its new corporate website at swiftreach.com. This...

Posted by Philip Young - Monday, August, 27 2018

Technology Trends – How New Tech Can Help Emergency Response Efforts

Emergency response practices continue to improve with new technology to meet the needs of emergency managers. Emergency response is quicker and safer, thanks to new technology created specifically...

Posted by Nina Caliri - Monday, August, 13 2018

Sizzling Summer Event Management – 4 Tips for Planning Events in the Heat

Corporate gatherings, summer BBQs, local festivals, Labor Day celebrations — summer is a hot event season. Every event planner hopes for clear skies, comfortable temperatures, great attendance and a...

Posted by Tara Gibson - Thursday, July, 26 2018

Customer Communication Tools Utility Companies Need

In today’s world, utility companies play such a huge role in people’s daily existence that their services can be a matter of life or death.

Further, the range of energy alternatives has greatly...

Posted by Philip Young - Thursday, July, 12 2018

Not a Drill – 3 Actions to Take During an Active Shooter Situation

In today’s world, it’s an unfortunate fact: To be fully prepared, organizations need concrete plans in place for active shooter situations.

The numbers bear that out; the U.S. has already logged ...

Posted by Nina Caliri - Thursday, June, 21 2018

Testing, Testing: Why it’s Critical to Test Your Emergency Alert System

Do you have formalized, regularly scheduled standards in place for testing the reliability of your emergency alert system? If not, you should put testing guidelines in place to avoid vital mistakes...

Posted by Tara Gibson - Monday, June, 11 2018

Business Continuity Plan – Why Your Business Needs This ASAP!

If you’re running an established business that you expect will have long-term viability, one of your next steps should be creating a business continuity plan that gives company leaders direction...

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