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Best Practices, Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Effective Emergency Management

Posted by Sarah Autore - Tuesday, January, 23 2018

The Importance of Having an Emergency Management Communications Strategy

Emergency management is a field that thrives on planning and procedure. Whether it’s a natural disaster, weather event, or active violence, emergency managers know crises can happen without much...

Posted by Sarah Autore - Thursday, December, 21 2017

3 Ways Social Media is Impacting Emergency Management

Technology has provided the emergency management industry with a wealth of new methods for keeping people safe and informed.

While social media probably isn’t the first tool you think of when it...

Posted by Sarah Autore - Thursday, November, 30 2017

Emergency  Preparedness for Winter Weather - 3 Tips for Emergency Managers

Winter weather-related emergencies can happen in the blink of an eye, often escalating without warning. Winter months bring winter weather hazards like snow, ice, and extreme cold that can be...

Posted by Nina Caliri - Tuesday, November, 14 2017

SwiftReach Networks Acquires Dial800, Completes Third Acquisition in Two Years

SwiftReach Networks has announced the acquisition of Los Angeles-based telecommunications company Dial800, a market leader in real-time call performance, routing and tracking solutions. This deal is...

Posted by Sarah Autore - Thursday, November, 09 2017

How the Emergency Management Industry is Benefiting from Mobile Apps

In today’s world, smart phones and mobile apps have become one of the most reliable and efficient ways to find and share information. According to a recent survey, mobile apps have been downloaded...

Posted by Sarah Autore - Thursday, October, 19 2017

Disaster Recovery: 3 Tips for Communicating Effectively After a Natural Disaster

When emergency managers are faced with an imminent natural disaster, emergency response is prioritized to focus on minimizing loss of life and destruction. However, once the imminent threat has...

Posted by Sarah Autore - Thursday, September, 28 2017

How Mobile Workers Are Changing the Workplace Safety Landscape

The workforce is changing. Having all employees located under one roof is becoming more of a rarity, especially for larger companies with multiple worksite locations.

In fact, according to a recent...

Posted by Sarah Autore - Thursday, September, 07 2017

It's National Preparedness Month - 3 Things your Resident Community Needs to Consider

Did you know? September 2017 is National Preparedness Month. For Emergency Managers across the country, this month is a time to focus on ensuring your resident communities are prepared in case of an...

Posted by Sarah Autore - Thursday, August, 24 2017

Speed of Swift911™ Emergency Alert System Helps Find Missing Child in Indiana

SwiftReach Networks, a leading provider of emergency notification and incident management solutions, announced the successful use of its Swift911™ emergency notification system to aid in the search...

Posted by Sarah Autore - Thursday, August, 03 2017

Keep Your Employees Safe with this Workplace Emergency Checklist

The time to talk about a workplace emergency is before it happens. The truth is that recent data suggests the threat of workplace incidents is on the rise. As this trend grows, every employer has an...

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