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Sizzling Summer Event Management – 4 Tips for Planning Events in the Heat

Posted by Nina Caliri - Monday, August, 13 2018

Corporate gatherings, summer BBQs, local festivals, Labor Day celebrations — summer is a hot event season. Every event planner hopes for clear skies, comfortable temperatures, great attendance and a glitch-free day.

But summer event planning isn’t all fun and games. When it comes to event management, anything can happen. Planning ahead can help alleviate any pain points.

Here are 4 summer event management tips to ensure your event goes off without a hitch:

  1. Beat the HeatSummer Event Management
    Summer can mean unpredictable weather. Global heat waves can bring extreme high temperatures for extended periods of time. Beat the heat with opportunities for attendees and staff to stay cool. Does your venue have air conditioning? If not, there other ways to cool down like swimming, event misting systems or ice-cold drinks. Access to plenty of drinking water is a must. Keep guests hydrated by providing water stations to refill water bottles. Providing a branded reusable water bottle at the event entrance is a great way to highlight a sponsor and encourage hydration. Help staff handle the heat by planning heavy labor during cooler times of day like early morning or evening.
  1. Emergency Response Plan
    Great event management always includes an emergency response plan. Different events call for different levels of planning based on the types of situations that could arise. Know your problem areas and make a plan of how to address them. Consider security and safety measures. Do you need professionals on site to handle a rowdy crowd or a potential illness or injury? Will attendees be clustered together or spread out? How far do they have to go to reach an area of safety in the case of extreme weather? Check your venue for clearly marked emergency exits. Assign staff members to help with tasks like helping guests in the case of an emergency to ensure a smooth and calm evacuation if needed.
  1. Emergency Communication Plan
    Being able to reach all event staff and attendees is important. An emergency communication plan provides a structure of how, when and where to communicate information to your audience. If an emergency does occur, how will you reach everyone? The Swift911™ emergency notification system can alert audiences like event attendees, staff or residents of time-sensitive information via multiple contact methods like text, voice and email. Event managers can use a tool like this to quickly and reliably alert everyone if the need arises.
  1. Have Fun!
    Summer events are a wonderful time to celebrate and have fun. Being prepared for the worst means being able to sit back and enjoy the day, knowing that if anything happens, it’ll all be handled efficiently.