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SwiftReach in the News – Keeping People Safe and Informed in 2018

Posted by Tara Gibson - Monday, November, 12 2018

Thanks to the many capabilities of SwiftReach’s Swift911™ emergency notification system, we’ve received lots of positive press throughout 2018.

Here’s a round-up of some of the most prominent news articles about our top-of-the-line emergency alert system.  

Swift911™ Helps Locate Missing Children

Red Tricycle

Georgia - A missing 2-year-old in Forsyth County, Georgia, was found floating in a pool on July 15th after a local resident (and judge) searched for him in response to alerts made through the Swift911™ emergency alert system – ultimately bringing the child to safety.  “With the quick response and due diligence of the sheriff’s office, the fire department, dispatch and the citizens in the community, a near certain tragedy was avoided,” Cpl. Doug Rainwater told the Forsyth Herald.

New York – On August 18th in Caroline, New York, a confused young child was found by police wandering alongside a road. The child’s family was located in minutes, thanks to citizen responses to queries shared over the Tompkins County Swift911™ emergency alert system. "Who knows what harm might've come to this child if it didn't work?” District Attorney Matthew Van Houten commented in the Ithaca Voice.

Swift911™ Warns Residents about Natural Disasters and Other Hazards

Hurricane Natural Disaster

Pennsylvania – On September 11th in Beaver County, PA first responders used the Swift911™ emergency alert system to efficiently evacuate 30 homes after a gas pipeline exploded nearby — and to inform them when returning home was safe. The process saved both time and manpower. “You’re going to get a text or a phone call quicker than you’ll have a couple people knocking on doors saying ‘Get out,’” Eric Brewer, county director of emergency services, told the Beaver County Times.

Texas – On April 23rd  in Texas’ Victoria Advocate  Victoria’s Public Information Officer Jennifer Sourdellia advised citizens to register with the city’s Swift911™ emergency alert system as a strategic preparation plan for hurricane season.

Swift911™ Praised for Its Message Delivery Speed

City Network

Colorado - An April 20th article in the Rio Blanco (Colorado) Herald Times details how Rio Blanco County switched from CodeRed to the Swift911™ emergency alert system to save money and take advantage of SwiftReach’s state-of-the-art technology. Benefits of the app discussed by Sheriff’s Office Communications Supervisor Mike Cook include Swift911’s real-time messaging capabilities; its ability to customize alerts according to information voluntarily shared by residents; ability to upload localized maps; and ability to create limited contact groups with which to share information. “Alerts can be generated in a minute or less compared to three to five minutes,” Cook adds. “That’s a big deal for us.”

Pennsylvania - CBS News affiliate WTAJ announced October 23rd local residents in Elk County and St. Marys, Pennsylvania, would benefit from notifications through the Swift911™ emergency alert system. The article encouraged them to register cell phones and addresses to receive more specific alerts. “The more residents know what's going on, the better decisions they'll make to help themselves, as well as the city," notes City Manager Tim Pearson.

Thousands of local governments across the country are experiencing success with our Swift911™ emergency alert system. Visit www.swiftreach.com to learn more.