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Best Practices, Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Effective Emergency Management

Posted by Tara Gibson - Thursday, July, 26 2018

Customer Communication Tools Utility Companies Need

In today’s world, utility companies play such a huge role in people’s daily existence that their services can be a matter of life or death.

Further, the range of energy alternatives has greatly...

Posted by Philip Young - Thursday, July, 12 2018

Not a Drill – 3 Actions to Take During an Active Shooter Situation

In today’s world, it’s an unfortunate fact: To be fully prepared, organizations need concrete plans in place for active shooter situations.

The numbers bear that out; the U.S. has already logged ...

Posted by Nina Caliri - Thursday, June, 21 2018

Testing, Testing: Why it’s Critical to Test Your Emergency Alert System

Do you have formalized, regularly scheduled standards in place for testing the reliability of your emergency alert system? If not, you should put testing guidelines in place to avoid vital mistakes...

Posted by Tara Gibson - Monday, June, 11 2018

Business Continuity Plan – Why Your Business Needs This ASAP!

If you’re running an established business that you expect will have long-term viability, one of your next steps should be creating a business continuity plan that gives company leaders direction...

Posted by Nina Caliri - Monday, May, 07 2018

Big Storms Ahead – 4 Emergency Preparedness Tips for Hurricane Season

Since weather forecasters are predicting an above-average incidence of hurricanes in the Atlantic region of the U.S. this year, Americans in prone areas would be wise to brush up on their emergency...

Posted by Tara Gibson - Tuesday, May, 01 2018

9 Ways to Prepare for the Most Common Natural Disaster - Flooding

In many areas of the U.S., regular flooding is starting to become a part of life. In fact, FEMA reports that flooding has become the most common natural disaster nationwide — and that's not likely to...

Posted by Tara Gibson - Tuesday, April, 03 2018

Best Defense Against an Active Shooter? Planning and Preparation

Tragic recent history proves all organizations must take seriously the possibility of having to take action against an on-premise active shooter.

Even prior to February’s horrific school shooting in...

Posted by Tara Gibson - Tuesday, March, 20 2018

Power to The People – How Utility Companies Can Boost Customer Communication

Power outages and malfunctions are a fact of life for utility companies — an annoying and very expensive fact.

Weather-related power outages alone cost the U.S. an annual $25 billion to $55 billion,...

Posted by Nina Caliri - Monday, February, 12 2018

Emergency Preparedness 101: Municipalities Need Better Natural Disaster Plans

Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Irma. Wildfires across California. The 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Mexico City.  

Last year was staggering in terms of natural disasters across North America. And in the...

Posted by Sarah Autore - Tuesday, January, 23 2018

The Importance of Having an Emergency Management Communications Strategy

Emergency management is a field that thrives on planning and procedure. Whether it’s a natural disaster, weather event, or active violence, emergency managers know crises can happen without much...

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