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Best Practices, Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Effective Emergency Management

Posted by Philip Young - Monday, August, 27 2018

Technology Trends – How New Tech Can Help Emergency Response Efforts

Emergency response practices continue to improve with new technology to meet the needs of emergency managers. Emergency response is quicker and safer, thanks to new technology created specifically...

Posted by Tara Gibson - Thursday, July, 26 2018

Customer Communication Tools Utility Companies Need

In today’s world, utility companies play such a huge role in people’s daily existence that their services can be a matter of life or death.

Further, the range of energy alternatives has greatly...

Posted by Philip Young - Thursday, March, 02 2017

Using GIS for Emergency Management - Why it Helps

A GIS, or geographic information system, is a mechanism for storing and displaying data related to positions on a map.  It provides visual representation of locations based on their latitude and...